The Artworks that Connect

Abstract-expressionist paintings

The Latest Collection

Our new collection is currently exhibited at Privatgalerie Victoria Ziegler, Zurich.

Schoggi Painting 2015

Grand Schoggi 2015 is the first of the series and is 4 m. by 7.7 m. It is made of 12,345 pieces or tiles of 5 cm. by 5 cm. each.

Schoggi Painting 2017

Schoggi 2017 is divided to 33,552 pieces or tiles 1 cm. by 1 cm. each.

Schoggi Painting 2018

Schoggi 2018 is virtually divided to 602,070 pieces or tiles 1 cm. by 1 cm. each.

Alexander Borissov Fine Art

Welcome to Alexander Borissov Fine Art in Zurich, Switzerland.

Alexander Borissov painting in Swiss Alps.